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Tips on finding the perfect wedding venue in Kent

Added by Fleur, 24th November 2018

At Hayne House, we understand finding the perfect wedding venue can be quite a task.  If you are just engaged, there are a vast number of wedding venues across the county of Kent alone. Wedding venues come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, and the search for the perfect one might seem a daunting task. […]

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As the gardens here at Hayne House burst into life and as the first of the most iconic of the spring flowers, the cheery daffodils, gently nod in the spring breeze we are so excited to take a step closer to hosting our first wedding in the new beautiful Orangery. We can’t wait. Now that […]

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It’s Valentines soon, the annual celebration of love, and guess what?  As we near the completion of our build, we’ve all fallen in LOVE – with the new Orangery!  Since October, the main contractors, Hampton Conservatory Ltd and all the various subcontractors; Canterbury Archaeological Trust, GTS Developments Ltd; Best Mix Concrete, Avant Garde Roofing; King […]

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Who wouldn’t love an Orangery for Christmas? With their abundance of light and connection to the garden, it’s easy to understand why this type of wedding venue is becoming increasingly popular.  An Orangery effortlessly creates the feeling that you and your wedding guests are enjoying your wedding breakfast sat outside, when in truth you are […]

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Are you excited about planning a rustic Autumn wedding or particularly in love with the idea of staging an enchanted Halloween wedding reception next October?  While a Halloween wedding might not be the most conventional of themes, it is certainly a popular one.  At Hayne House we love everything about this magical seasonal time of […]

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Melt some hearts with an Easter wedding

Added by Fleur, 15th March 2017

Spring signifies fresh beginnings and new life, so it feels like a natural and wonderful time to consider starting your married lives together.  So why not melt a few chocolate hearts and bring together your closest friends, nearest and dearest for the perfect Easter egg hunt wedding? How expensive is it to get married over […]

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Be our Valentine

Added by Fleur, 30th January 2017

Each year on February 14th, many people exchange cards, gifts, chocolates or flowers with their special “valentine”, but why not exchange your vows?  Are you a hopeless romantic, with your heart set on getting married?  Why not consider planning a Valentine’s wedding?  Here at Hayne House, we would certainly love to share the most romantic […]

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All we want for Christmas is You

Added by Fleur, 22nd December 2016

Christmas is wonderful time of year, so why not make sure everyone spends some quality time together by throwing the best-ever private Christmas Wedding party? WHERE IS THE BEST PLACE TO BOOK A CHRISTMAS WEDDING? The most unpredictable aspect of planning a Christmas Wedding is probably the weather, so you should ideally choose a venue […]

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Oranges Are the Only Fruit

Added by Fleur, 21st December 2016

What is an Orangery? Typically, an Orangery, or Orangerie, is a glass-fronted building providing expansive views of the gardens.  Originally used to protect oranges, other citric fruits and to grow pineapples in during the winter months, Orangeries became fashionable, luxurious places to wine and dine guests. Why build an Orangery? We chose to commission Hampton […]

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Nuts about wedding favours

Added by Fleur, 12th December 2016

What are wedding favours? Traditionally wedding favours are a small token of appreciation to thank your friends and family for sharing your big day. Are wedding favours necessary? If you are on a budget wedding favours are not a necessity, but they are a nice addition.  If you have booked a last minute wedding, then […]

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