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Added by Fleur, 7th March 2018

As the gardens here at Hayne House burst into life and as the first of the most iconic of the spring flowers, the cheery daffodils, gently nod in the spring breeze we are so excited to take a step closer to hosting our first wedding in the new beautiful Orangery. We can’t wait.

Hayne House orangery

Now that the main contractors (Hampton Conservatories Ltd) have left the site with Spring just around the corner and as the lazy, long Bank Holiday weekend gets closer (at last the first public holiday since Christmas) and the snow is all but a distant memory, we thought it would be great to celebrate all things Spring and put together a collaborative Easter styled shoot in The Orangery. 

Why book an Easter Wedding?

We know all too well that Easter is more than about just giving chocolate eggs.  It’s a great time to connect with loved ones and plan activities or events that bring everyone together.  With the promise of longer days, what better excuse do you need to bring everyone together and host the perfect, romantic, relaxed, chic Easter Wedding in The Orangery?

Hayne House stunning orangery

So for our first styled shoot in The Orangery we have chosen an Easter theme for the wedding breakfast or Easter ‘brunch’ as we’ve named it.  We certainly hope it helps you to better visualise the space for your wedding reception. 

What colour scheme could you choose for your Easter Wedding?

We believe choosing the colour scheme for your wedding can be so much fun as you can take inspiration from Holidays, your favourite style food, and places you like to go out to (to name but a few).  But for an Easter wedding we think there is no better inspiration than embracing the season, especially as everything starts springing back into life. 

Wedding orangery - doors open

So for the perfect Easter/ Spring time wedding decor, and our first ever collaborative styled shoot in The Orangery, we have been inspired by our very own beautiful gardens, which every year at this time are adorned with English yellow daffodils, delicate white snow drops, soft peachy and lilac purple tulips with lots and lots of fresh, tender, spring, staple greens.  Then we have mixed them all up with sugary pastel egg colours that include Tiffany Blue (we are totally loving Tania’s new Tiffany Blue chair dressings) and a feathery soft duckling-eggy yellow, to make a gorgeous, upbeat, modern Easter wedding palette.

Where would you place and decorate your top table for an Easter/ Spring Wedding?

We believe the new Orangery enables you to be extremely creative when laying out your table plan.  For the spring inspired wedding styled shoot we have chosen to place the top table with the just-coming-into-bud gardens behind, and flung open the door to provide the perfect natural backdrop to the Easter brunch.

Brand new orangery

On the top table we enjoyed grouping carefully curated items together, and Touchays have kindly made us some delicious homemade cookies perfect for a cup of tea or coffee after the Easter bunch.  For the guests, it being Easter, we have included some chocolate treats – the famous Lindt Gold Bunny and new Chick wedding favors.

Wedding Easter macarons

What food would you serve for your Easter Wedding?

Easter is the perfect time to indulge with family and friends, after all it’s been months since Christmas!  Whether you are planning a laid-back wedding breakfast or a more formal three-course meal, let Touchays, our award-winning caterers, help you create a picture-perfect dinning experience with their new crockery. 

Subtle blue chair detail

Clare, from Touchays, who loves spending time with her family, believes Easter is all about sharing, so loves the idea of a Sunday brunch – but with a twist.  She likes to include food to really get guests talking, so incorporates sharing platters for the starters, followed by a traditional Easter favorite of succulent roast lamb (with all the trimmings).  But the fresh seasonal vegetables she serves family style, in the middle of the table, so guests have to pass them around – we called it ‘please-pass-me’ food.

Hayne House Easter wedding meal
Beautiful cakes and macarons

For your wedding brunch it just wouldn’t be Easter without embracing all things sweet.  So, instead of a traditional wedding cake, Clare put together the most delicious, yummy selection of all things homemade.  These sweet Easter treats included, vermicelli nests (they smelt totally amazing) with mini eggs nestled in them, macaroons and chocolate flowerpots with the most evocative biscuit flowers and sugar flowers growing out of them.

What flowers would you choose for your Easter Wedding?

For the flowers, Christina of Saffron Rose, based nearby in Hythe, used the first of the English daffodils, ivory Mondial roses (mixed with the palest lemon faux roses), yellow chrysanthemums, green hypericum berries, Genistra, lime green Vibernum “Snowball” (like hydrangeas but smaller), white Gypsophila and Tulips.  For Foliage she incorporated trailing asparagus fern, soft Ruscus and Eucalyptus Cinnerea.

Hayne House Easter bunny
Spring flower pots
Colourful macarons

However you choose to decorate your Easter brunch, if you’ve always dreamt of a garden wedding party, spring really is the time to do it!  We know whatever way you lay out and decorate The Orangery, your day will be beautiful.

Wedding meal detail

So if you want the perfect 2019 Happy Easter wedding, you are invited to book an appointment and hop over to Hayne House for a show around.  We just know you are going to love The Orangery and the former Hunting Lodge; this includes a bridal changing room and a very royal bridal suite for the night of your wedding.

So from everyone at Hayne House we wish you a very Happy 2018 Easter wedding, and if you want more Easter inspiration take a look at our last year blog https://www.haynehouse.co.uk/blog/melt-hearts-at-easter

Classy wedding meal
Easter chicks at Hayne House

Drumroll, with thanks to

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Stylist, The Hayne House team


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