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Added by Fleur, 1st February 2019
With kind permission of Carla Guest

For those of you who visited us on or around Valentine’s day last year (2018) you will recall that the Orangery was not yet complete.  The team from Hampton Conservatories were still staying onsite and we were all pushing hard to meet our deadline of the grand unveiling of the Orangery in April.  As a result, Valentines passed us by, something we vowed would never happen again.

For the most romantic day and month of the year, we thought it would be lovely to celebrate our fantastic couples who (despite the mud and unfinished wedding venue) took a leap of faith and booked their weddings with us. 

With kind permission of The Photography Company

So, for Valentines here is our A – Z of the best of 2018 weddings in the Orangery, we are in love:


Alfresco Dining – with such beautiful weather, our couples fully embraced the particular warm days and barmy evenings by flinging open the Orangery doors, enabling them to dine ‘Alfresco’


Blessings – we enjoyed watching and wiping away the tears, as more and more couples tied the knot on the newly laid lawns, with celebrant led blessings – which we know are going to be even bigger in 2019, especially if the legislation changes

With kind permission of Olegs Samsonovs


Colour scheme – With the opening of the Orangery, couples have been able to play on their personalities.  Some choose:

  • free spirited and bohemian with ruby, jade and cream
  • classic greys, sage, ivory, blush and whites
  • eclectic and electric turquoise, tangerine, taupe and mauve
  • glam gold, silver, indigo and ink
  • modern grey, fuchsia and peacock blue
  • romantic apricot, blush, rose gold and mint
  • rustic with rust, olive, bronze and amber


Dancing – One of the most important aspects of a wedding is for all the couple’s friends and family to spend the day celebrating and dancing all under one roof.  With the bar next to the dance floor, boy did we see some amazing first well practised first dances, of course some incredible dad (and mum) dancing and some totally crazy dance moves, but what happens at Hayne House, stays at Hayne House!  


Edible – delicate edible flowers have adorned some of the most stunning wedding cakes we have ever seen.  We particularly loved Fred and Linda’s wedding cake from Cobi and Coco but there have been so many amazing cakes – they have driven us totally insane as the vanilla scent hung in the air.

With kind permission of My Wedding Professionals


Flowers– Roses continue to be the flower of choice, from dirty pinks to apricot.  But we have also seen fabulous flowering cacti as centre pieces by Emily & Me, stunning floral arches by Chic Weddings and floral chandeliers – that took our breath away.


Glassware – we loved seeing the Wedding Breakfast tables decorated with hired-in glasses of pink, lilac and gold, they are so colourful, stylish and pretty.

With kind permission of Rebecca Carpenter


Hoops – We loved being introduced to hoops when We Do Decorations styled the Orangery with all things eucalyptus.


I do – wow some of the ceremonies in the Orangery have had us sobbing, we have heard some amazing readings, poems and the décor has been totally inspired with Boho screens by Locate to Create, trees by Chic Weddings and some incredible handmade stands that have then been used again behind the top table.


Jazz- during the wedding ceremony we have had funky jazz musicians, a ‘London’ busker and magical tunes from the amazing duo 2 of Harps .


Kilts – a classic and oh what can we say, what a beautiful wedding.


Lace – lace hoods and bows have enhanced the couples styling, from soft pastel hoods to draping taffeta, the styling in the Orangery has again taken our breath away.


Modern weddings – this year we are proud to have designed and built a purpose-built Orangery that enables you to hold the most modern of weddings.  With no curtains or carpet to work around, couples have been able to embrace the season, choose a formal, semi-formal or informal wedding and hire in furniture etc, as basically nothing looks out of place! 


Nod to grazing tables – this year we have seen more and more couples opt for grazing tables from dessert stations to build your own burger.  We think from all we, and our handpicked caterer Touchays, have read this is going to be even bigger in 2019!


Our first wedding celebration in the Orangery – the first wedding ceremony in the Orangery made us all grab the tissue box, it was for our couple but also for us as a very big dream come true.

With kind permission of Fleur Challis


Plants and trees have adorned the Orangery – that can be replanted.  They have all created an impact and stood tall in the Orangery, and enjoyed by friends and family as gifts, for years to come.


Questions – we never shy away from questions and are happy to help you at every stage of your journey.  Our Open Days, that we set up to launch the Orangery proved so successful in 2018, that we have a full calendar events in the first part of 2019 with more to come.  Our open days in 2018 included the launch with Chic Weddings, Something Blue with Your Wedding Your Way, Boho with Locate to Create and our last event of the year A Thoroughly Modern Christmas with The Wedding Avenue – see our open days for 2019 here


Romantic woodland path – the new path has turned out to be THE place to have your intimate romantic evening photos.  After the cutting of the cake and first dance, when everyone else has hit the dance floor, the festoon lighting has made this place for couples to slip off together with their photographer, for the perfect romantic evening shoot.


Sustainable – as more of us become aware of our environmental impact, we have seen couples make the most of the season with stunning grown in Kent ‘wild’ flower displays, the best of the seasonal foods being lovingly prepared by Touchays and reducing the amount of packaging they bring on site.

With kind permission of Story and Colour


Tablescapes – wow at some weddings the tablescapes have just stopped us in our tracks, with lush, whimsical and ethereal flowers in burgundy, creams, dirty pinks and moody blooms by Poppy Sturley.


Utterly black – matte slate, blackboards, dark berries in floral displays and a dynamic black utter wow wedding dress – now we know every colour works in the Orangery, so much so, we can’t wait for a Halloween wedding or a Bonfire wedding………. 


Vibe – gosh, did we feel the vibe this year, especially when the lights went down, and The Wedding Chaps put their records on!


Wedding favours – we saw couples swap the purchased wedding favours for something edible that said more about them, like honey from bees kept by grandparents

With kind permission of Rebecca Carpenter


Xmas – we have had our first Christmas weddings in the Orangery and goodness, was the décor exciting, from Christmas Trees covered in fairy lights to hanging Christmas wreaths.


Your wedding day – throughout the year we have helped you with your wedding planning to ensure you had the wedding of your dreams; one where when your guests walked away and said  “wow, that was so them all over, what an amazing day!”


Zzzz’s  – there has been no time to catch any Z’s.  From the day we opened the doors of the brand new Orangery, right up to the end of the year, we have been busy hosting the most incredible and memorable weddings  –  who needs sleep?!

With kind permission of Lisa Halls

With special thanks to all our wonderful couples from 2018 who have inspired us and shared their very special personalised days with us, love to you all and to our future couples over this Valentines month.

A special thanks to all the photographers who have taken the most incredible pictures that we have loved sharing on Facebook and Instagram, we couldn’t do this without you to record the couple’s special moments.

If you would like to work with a wedding team that really helps you to deliver your perfect day, please contact us and we will love seeing how your wedding comes to life.


Hayne House Handpicked suppliers

DJ by www.harrykilbweddingdj.co.uk

Food by www.touchays.com

Props by www.Bigdayprophire.co.uk

Bows by www.bowschaircovers.co.uk

Other suppliers

Cake www.cobiandcoco.com

Florist www.emilyandme.co.uk

Florist https://www.poppysturley.co.uk















Live music by www.2ofharps.com

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