A Labour of Love, The Orangery, at Hayne House Wedding Venue

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Added by Fleur, 2nd February 2018

It’s Valentines soon, the annual celebration of love, and guess what?  As we near the completion of our build, we’ve all fallen in LOVE – with the new Orangery!

Since October, the main contractors, Hampton Conservatory Ltd and all the various subcontractors; Canterbury Archaeological Trust, GTS Developments Ltd; Best Mix Concrete, Avant Garde Roofing; King Lifting Ltd; Shepway Glass, Act Fast Heating, Screed Master and Heritage Resin Drives, have all shared their knowledge and experience, and worked long and hard, with passion and commitment (sometimes in really horrid weather conditions), to lovingly construct The Orangery – our ambitious, free-standing wedding and events building.

A Labour of Love, The Orangery, at Hayne House Wedding Venue

You might ask, how have we fallen in love with a building?

We know it sounds odd to say, but as the building has come ‘alive’, we have become emotionally attached to The Orangery.  We have genuinely fallen in love with it, as it has gone through the various stages of the build.  From digging the foundations, pouring the concrete, putting up the walls, craning in the roof lanterns, fitting the windows, laying the underfloor heating and landscaping around the building.  The Orangery really has won our hearts and minds.   Perhaps on reflection, it is no surprise as we have had to consider every aspect of how the building will be used.  We have also had to carefully think about its visual impact on the garden and its relationship with the two-hundred-year-old Hunting Pavilion.

As The Orangery nears completion, it celebrates the outdoors from indoors, with a certain inimitable style.  We believe it sits so comfortably in the garden and nestles next to the historic house, creating the perfect marriage of house and garden.  Although very modern in its concept, the classical façade looks and feels like it has always been part of the private estate. We are both charmed and enchanted by the building’s grace.

A Labour of Love, The Orangery, at Hayne House Wedding Venue

The interior of The Orangery, is now a calm, relaxing, elegant, grand, bright, airy and coherent space, perfect for weddings and events, thanks to a carefully considered palette of colours, materials and the use of natural light.

How does the Orangery work for your wedding?

As part of the build, large paneled, bi-folding wooden doors have been fitted across the center of The Orangery to create two ‘rooms’ or one large ‘room’.  One of the ‘rooms’ has been licensed for your indoor wedding ceremony (also giving you a wet weather contingency plan, should your plan to get married outside be foiled by inclement weather).  Once the bi-folding doors are securely locked into position, they provide the perfect backdrop to your ceremony (if marrying all-under-one-roof this is normally around 2pm).  Following your ceremony this area can then be used for your drinks reception (as this is where the bar and loos are also located), or guests can make their way out into the garden for a glass of Pimms or Prosecco.

After the drinks reception (normally around 4 pm), the bi-folding doors are opened and folded back, to reveal the Wedding Breakfast, the ‘banqueting room’.  As we understand that food is the way to everyone’s heart, this is where you and your guests will be seated for your first meal, after your civil ceremony or church wedding.  This space seats up to 120 guests (including you two).  All of the floor to ceiling glass doors open directly out into the garden to let the light and a sense of the garden inside.  The raised floor, ensures a good view of the garden no matter where you sit, stand or eventually dance.

A Labour of Love, The Orangery, at Hayne House Wedding Venue

During the meal and speeches, the bi-folding doors remain open, so that when you are ready for that all-important first dance (normally around 7 pm), your day and your additional evening guests (maximum 150), can gather around the spacious dance floor.  With the formalities over, you and your guests can all relax, let your hair down, and dance under the stars, to our resident DJ.

Why will you also fall in love with the Orangery?

The large, freestanding, contemporary building offers a unique environment, that with everything all under one roof, is both stylish and practical, offering a relaxed way of hosting a wedding.  With its under floor heating and triple glazing, the building has its own architectural personality and is as lovable all year round, as it retains a strong sense of the garden, no matter what the weather outside.  We believe you now have everything you need, all under one roof, at any time of the year, what’s not to love!

Why book a Valentines Wedding at Hayne House?

If you have been struck with cupid’s arrow, or perhaps you know a couple recently engaged, chances are you are on the hunt for the perfect wedding venue.  So, with Love in the air, why not embrace the romance and book to say, ‘I love you’ and ‘be my Valentine’ at Hayne House exclusively on 14th February 2019 – it is still available, to one lucky couple – could it be you?


Photos with special thanks to
@Hamptons Conservatory Ltd
@Canterbury Archaeological Trust
GTS Developments Ltd
@Avant Garde Roofing
@Shepway Glass
@King Lifting Ltd
Act Fast Heating
@Screed Master
@Heritage Resin Drives
@Best Mix Concrete
Photography by @fleur Challis Photography
Flowers by @Dream of Flowers
Chair covers by @Bows Chair Covers
Custom Acrylic Heart by @Seaside Council
Styling by @Hayne House


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