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Added by Fleur, 4th July 2019

Last minute weddings, or as we like to call them at Hayne House,
#ShareThe LoveWeddings, we understand aren’t for everybody, but for some couples perhaps on a tight deadline they are the perfect weddings.

Why aren’t last-minute weddings for everyone?

When planning a wedding, some couples genuinely like a more lengthy, leisurely process.

But, if you are not that type of person and you and your fiancé:

  • simply cannot wait to tie the knot
  • can’t bear the prospect of months and months of planning
  • find yourself in a position where you need to marry, like now!
  • want to make something romantic happen, like yesterday

Then, planning a last-minute wedding is certainly for you!

What last minute ‘Top Wedding Tips’ can you give to a couple who want to book a last-minute wedding?

Based on our experience of hosting last availability weddings at Hayne House here are our handy top tips to help with your planning. 

We recommend that you both need to:

  1. Get into the right mind set: It’s time to make quick (but informed) decisions – if you dilly or dally and aren’t decisive then be honest with yourself, you are going to struggle to make this happen – when planning a last-minute wedding you need to be organised, decisive and enjoy the whirlwind.
  2. Be level-headed:  Whatever your reason for marrying last-minute, one thing is for sure, planning a wedding at the last minute can put you into a bit of a whirlwind and family and friends may get a little stressed when you tell them your plans and timeline, so get ready to field their concerns.
  3. Always Keep Calm: There is going to be a lot of planning to get through but remember you can definitely achieve it by going with your gut instincts as you are likely to find you will come to the same conclusions you would have done even if you’d spent months deliberating. Ask for wedding help and money instead of wedding gifts
  4. Be realistic:  Hot on the heels of keeping calm there must be a realistic element.  One being that the local council (ours being Kent County Council), need 30 days’ notice that you’re getting married. So, make sure if you are planning a last-minute wedding in Kent that once you book your wedding venue you take the absolute first practical step and you book your civil ceremony or partnership (at Hayne House to take the pressure off you we reserve the date)! The minimum of six weeks is a must to organise a last minute.
  5. If working and or managing a team: tell your work colleagues immediately what you are planning on doing.  Hopefully, that way they will all be excited and sympathetic to your reasons and will be understanding when you “just need to take this call”.  If you can book some time off work, maybe the odd day, we would recommend you do, that way you don’t have to solely rely on your evenings and days off to do your WedMin!
  6. Delegate: If you’re planning on having bridesmaids and/or groomsmen, make a list of tasks they can assist you with, such as collecting items, organising RSVPs or communicating with suppliers.
  7. Venue: Pick a venue who is less rigid and more flexible in their approach to weddings, so if you want a wedding ceremony at 3pm as your guests e.g. must travel, they can accommodate it.  Also, if they have a list of recommended suppliers who are also flexible – you are onto a winner!

What should we do about a honeymoon, if we are booking a last-minute wedding?

If on top of a last-minute wedding you are planning on booking a honeymoon, at Hayne House we recommend booking your honeymoon sometime after you have finished organising your last-minute wedding.  That way you can decide where you would like to go and see what kind of last-minute deals are available without overloading yourself.  This also means you don’t have to worry about changing your passport and bank account details etc – they can all be done after your last-minute wedding.  However, if you want to mark the occasion, why not book a mini-moon or just jump on a ferry and go to the Isle of Wight, or why not Northern France or Belgium – after all you can drive from Hayne House straight onto the Chanel Tunnel (we are only 26 miles as the fish swim)!

What not to do, when planning a last-minute wedding

When booking a last-minute wedding you are inevitably against the clock, so this is one circumstance when we recommend that you:

  • Avoid booking a Church wedding – Why? Because the reading of the banns can take a lot of time, something you probably don’t have.
  • Don’t commission a bespoke wedding dress – go to sample sales and be sure to leave enough time for any adjustments that need to be made.

What last-minute packages does Hayne House offer couples?

With numerous reasons to book a last-minute wedding at Hayne House we have real experience of planning last minute weddings. The Hayne House wedding team love helping couples to plan and organise weddings and rising to the challenge without much notice. We offer couples, looking for a last-minute wedding two options:

  1. Share-The-Love Wedding Package. 

With our Share-The-Love Package we can offer you a special Whirlwind Wedding Package.  In brief we can offer exclusive use of Hayne House from the moment your guests arrive, reserve your wedding ceremony with Kent County Council, host your wedding ceremony and then offer Prosecco on the lawns – or if the weather is not up to par inside the purpose-built all under one-roof, Orangery.  A stunning three-course wedding breakfast with sommelier-selected wine, and an evening buffet, extra support from our in-house planners and we can be your Master of Ceremonies on the big day and then provide you both with a beautiful honeymoon suite on the night of your wedding with a full English Breakfast the next day – just ask about our Last Minute Share-The-Love Wedding Packages.

  • Twilight Wedding Package. 

From November 2019 until March 2020 we are offering couples the opportunity to book a Twilight Wedding. A Twilight package is the perfect option if you want a beautiful wedding with a difference.  

A twilight wedding is a more relaxed and informal way to get married, as it avoids the formality of a sit-down meal and the all traditions and difficulties that can come with seating everyone. 

Typically, guests arrive around 30 minutes before your ceremony.  They walk down the illuminated woodland path and mingle in and around the grounds and former Hunting Lodge, with its real fires, before being seated for a 4pm indoor ceremony or blessing in the Orangery underneath the gorgeous glass lanterns.  Followed by a drink’s reception for an hour in and around the Hunting Lodge, and then dancing into the night with an evening buffet, under the stars, all makes your day truly magical.

However, if you have got married abroad and just want a party guests arrive around 5 pm and you could even add in a black-tie dress code to give it that bit of an extra razzle dazzle wow!

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