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Added by Fleur, 12th December 2016

What are wedding favours?

Traditionally wedding favours are a small token of appreciation to thank your friends and family for sharing your big day.

Are wedding favours necessary?

If you are on a budget wedding favours are not a necessity, but they are a nice addition.  If you have booked a last minute wedding, then you should also be asking yourself “do I want to spend every night leading up to my wedding making DIY wedding favours”?

Here at Hayne House wedding venue, however, we are nuts about them.

We have seen, over the years, some great fun, creative, inspired, original, expensive and inexpensive favours personalised with labels handwritten by the bride-to-be, and we can’t wait to see what you will come up with.

Should I make my own wedding favours?

If you want to provide personalised wedding favours, nothing says more than taking up the DIY challenge; just don’t forget they will take time.

Where do you find inspiration for your wedding favours?

If you are a bride-to-be struggling for inspiration, we believe ideas can come from anywhere and Pinterest is a great starting point.  We believe that wedding favours should reflect your tastes, budget and personality, but also your venue and theming.

For instance, if you are holding your wedding reception within the orangery, you could style your wedding with elegant potted, small, bang-on-trend succulent plants or perhaps a chocolate orange would be the perfect wedding favour in December.

How do you choose your wedding favours?

Whatever wedding favours you decide to give your guests, we recommend you don’t allow yourself to get stressed by them.  Remember, as with any gift, it is the thought that counts.

Whatever you buy, you should consider how far in advance you can order, and whether they are easy to store and transport.  If you are choosing something edible don’t forget to check the sell-by dates before you purchase.

Finally, and sometimes overlooked, will the favours appeal to men, women and children or should you buy something different for each?

With lots of wedding favours to choose online and in shops, it can be difficult to know what to opt for.  So we have come up with some headers and examples, that we hope will inspire you:

  • Sweet treats cover a multitude of naughty sins from pots of jam “cooked with love” to filling them with coloured bonbons
  • Commemorate someone or something by giving money to charity
  • “Drink me”, like an Alice in wonderland potion, like a homemade cordial or a small bottle of something alcoholic
  • “Let love grow” by giving garden plants or seeds
  • “For luck”, why not give everyone a lucky sixpence and the bride-to-be pop one in her shoe?
  • Pamper your guests by giving them lip balm or body scrubs
  • Be seasonal like giving a festive Christmas bauble or chocolate eggs for Easter
  • Why not have some fun and “light up” the evening’s celebrations with sparklers?
  • “On us, go on and win” by giving scratch cards
  • Be inspired by the venue
  • Be inspired by your own wedding theme

What would be the Hayne House team choice of wedding favours?

For our most recent styled shoot, we chose to give our ‘guests’ some midnight feasts.  Inspired by one of Pantone’s latest colour predictions for 2017 we themed the tablescape based around Hazelnut (Ref 14-1315TCX).  Inspired by one of our guilty pleasures Nutella – there is always a jar in one of the Wedding Co-ordinator’s desk drawer, we chose Butlers 75g milk chocolate with a hazelnut praline centre.

Why not continue to “spread the love” and get creative and have some fun choosing your wedding favours?

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