Time to Check In: Why is it important to book a wedding venue that has onsite accommodation for your guests?

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Added by Fleur, 20th March 2019

Why is it important to book a wedding venue that has onsite accommodation for your guests?

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As there is so much to consider when choosing a wedding venue, we recommend you write a list of your ‘must-haves’ and ‘nice-to-have’, in priority order. 

We understand that with the venue playing such a vital role in the success of your day, one of the nicest aspects of a wedding is being surrounded by your family all day.  However, in order to secure your perfect venue – perhaps you are looking for a certain style of building, for example something modern – then you might find that you must travel that bit further afield, perhaps even into the next county? 

If you book what is known as a destination venue – a venue that offers you the opportunity to celebrate your marriage away from home – of course it will mean that your guests will be travelling further, so will need accommodation. 

Then after all the time and effort that goes into finding the perfect destination venue, it can seem such a shame that it’s over so quickly – as your nearest and dearest jump into taxis and speed off into the night!  

Where will your guests be travelling from?

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If your guests are not local many, if not all, will need somewhere to stay on the night of your wedding.  It is therefore logical that choosing a wedding venue with onsite accommodation or one where there is local accommodation, makes the decision for guests to attend so much easier.

So, at the start of your wedding venue search you need to consider how important is having overnight accommodation, as it makes sense for you to begin your search of wedding venues with accommodation on your ‘must-have’ list.

Top Tips When Viewing Potential Wedding Venues

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So, don’t forget to ask your wedding venue when you are viewing:

  • If they have any accommodation on site and if so, how many rooms?
  • If they do have accommodation, can they accommodate children?
  • If the rooms include bed and breakfast?
  • Can they accommodate dietary requirements for breakfast?
  • If they have any conveniently located (ideally be within ten miles of your wedding venue), local hotels that ideally offer discounted accommodation.  We would suggest that giving your guests two or three price options – budget-friendly, mid-range and ideally luxury as some of your quests might want to really push the boat out and take in the local highlights.  Block-booking hotels can be fantastic when you want as many of your guests to stay in one place, perhaps one that shows off the location e.g. if located near the sea, it offers sea views.
  • If they can recommend any local taxi companies
  • Can the venue provide any hampers for the rooms e.g. on the day of your wedding can a bridal hamper be delivered to the dressing room, so that you can really wow your bride tribe?
  • Is there a local train station?

8 Advantages of Booking a Wedding Venue with Onsite Accommodation?

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Here are ten advantages of booking a wedding venue with onsite accommodation:

  1. Knowing that there is some accommodation available for your closest guests will be of comfort when it comes to getting ready ahead of your ceremony, as that way they can change on arrival and not have to travel in their wedding attire.
  2. Your special guests don’t have to worry about getting home after a big day.  Wedding venues with accommodation give your special guests the opportunity to really let their hair down and dance the night away, in the knowledge that their room for the night is only a flight of stairs or so away!
  3. If you book out the rooms for your guests coming from abroad, letting them know that you have reserved the onsite accommodation should play a key decision in their agreeing to attend your wedding.
  4. Elderly relatives may appreciate a room close by, especially if the venue offers accommodation on the ground floor – that is it is more easily accessible.
  5. You can pop up stairs during your wedding and slip into something more comfortable.
  6. You can spend more time with your guests.  If your favourite guests are staying on-site it means they are likely to stay later and party harder!
  7. You will be able to re-live your wedding the next day, whilst enjoying breakfast with your nearest and dearest.
  8. Most importantly, your own accommodation as newlyweds will be sorted and you can pop up stairs to your bridal suite for a sneaky five minutes, any time of the day …..!

What Other Accommodation Issues Should You Consider When Planning a Wedding?

If you want to ensure your invited guests attend your wedding it is usually your responsibility to research hotels to recommend to your guests.

Once you have filled the onsite rooms with your nearest and dearest, choosing a venue that is easily accessible and has additional hotels, Bed & Breakfasts (B&Bs) and Airbnb in proximity, is a must.   

When Should You Reserve Additional Accommodation for Your Wedding Guests?

When to book accommodation for your guests, depends on how much accommodation is available locally.  A second consideration is, if you are booking your wedding during peak season (for instance on a bank holiday weekend) then we recommend you start your research into hotels etc early as they will fill up quicker during these times.

Top Tips When Sending Out Your Wedding Invitations

Don’t forget to:

  • tell all your guests staying off site that they need to be at your venue around 45 to 30 minutes before the ceremony
  • include details of local hotels and if you have block booked a hotel, say something like: “ Hythe is full of amazing place to stay with lots of accommodation, but for your convenience and because there is a late bar at the hotel we have blocked rooms at The Holiday Inn Express Folkestone, CT18 8AN as they offer a discount if you quote “Hayne House DD/MM/YYYY” (the date of your wedding). To book call 01303 298450 or email reservations@hiexfolkestone.com
  • include details of local taxi companies
  • include a map of where the venue is located.
Hayne House Couples now get discounted rooms at Holiday Inn, Folkestone

So, what’s new at Hayne House?

Photo with thanks to Rebecca Carpenter

From the 1st May 2019 we are delighted to announce that our available accommodation within the former Hunting Lodge is increasing from three to five rooms.

When you receive our quote, it includes the changing room (available from 9am on the morning of your wedding) and on the night of your wedding a spacious bedroom – the Prince’s room – the Couple’s Suite which is complimentary.  This includes a king-sized bed and a splendid en suite bathroom.  During your preparations you can discretely watch your guests arrive, and the original staircase to the ground floor offers fantastic opportunity for photographs.  Throughout the day and evening the room is available to you and then simply collapse after your wedding – this sensational suite fit for a Prince will not disappoint!

The other four bedrooms have been individually designed with their own fabrics and colour schemes, they include:

  • The Hen room –includes a double bed and en suite shower
  • The Hare room –includes a king size bed, en suite shower and bath
  • The Peacock room – includes a double bed, en suite shower and ground floor access from the outside making it easy for less able guests
  • The Deer room includes a double bed, en suite shower

Also, within the 35 acres of Hayne Barn estate there is another B&B, Froggies, which includes four beds and a self-catering apartment. 

In total there are 10 bedrooms which sleep 20 guests on the estate.  Check-in time is 11am for the guests and check out the following morning is at 10 am after a delicious Full English Breakfast served at 8:15.

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